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“I’m a huge believer in fresh food … I think you have to celebrate freshness, you have to celebrate life. All that I do is geared towards that.. From helping families survive the stress of a failing restaurant on Restaurant: Impossible, to honoring our service members for the service to our country, and now with my Fresh Kitchen inside The Pentagon I believe one of the greatest things I can do with my success is to give back to those in need of a little guidance, or to those who make sacrifices that enable us to enjoy our freedom.”


Fresh Kitchen embodies the essence of today’s diner, great food, prepared fresh at a reasonable price in a clean and inviting environment and served by a friendly and helpful team.


Our restaurant was designed with two main themes in mind … freshness and comfort. Our recipes are authentic; we source and use only the finest domestic and imported ingredients available and take great care to show those ingredients the respect and care they demand. The result is a highly creative and well-priced diverse menu that is well suited for the busy daytime Pentagon workers. We sought to create a comfortable and social space that is designed to be both efficient and pleasing to enhance the Fresh Kitchen experience.

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